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The Eight Spiritual Breaths – Hardbound
Breathing Exercises and Affirmations that transform your life

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The Eight Spiritual Breaths is intended to serve as a guide to aspirants on the spiritual path and enable an increased and better understanding of who we are, and why we are here.

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“It is good of you to have come to pay homage to your Master and be with him in his final hours. But what would have been even better is that you would have continued with your practice.”
– The Buddha to his disciples

When Padmasambhava, the renowned yogi and teacher at the University of Nalanda migrated to Tibet with a select group of disciples, he continued to share his knowledge with those he considered worthy to receive it. According to legend, among his teachings was a set of powerful Breathing Exercises designed to help human beings realise their highest potential.

Centuries later, a spiritual seeker from the West journeyed to Tibet to learn this sacred knowledge. After returning, he formulated a course based on these Breathing Exercises that he taught to his students, and also offered through correspondence to spiritual aspirants everywhere.

In 1977, this course of Breathing Exercises was taught by Swami K. S. Ramanathan, founder of the Brahma Vidya Mission in Mumbai. The author herself completed this course under the guidance of her guru, Justice M. L. Dudhat. A sincere and dedicated practise of the Eight Breathing Exercises, along with their respective Affirmations, can result in: • enhancement of creative potential • increased levels of calmness • improved health and higher energy levels • achievement of personal goals in an effortless manner. The course provides one with all the necessary steps required to achieve mastery of one`s life across all dimensions.

The Eight Spiritual Breaths is intended to serve as a guide to aspirants on the spiritual path and enable an increased and better understanding of who we are, and why we are here. This book has come at a time when we are now ready to take the challenge and responsibility of our own personal and spiritual growth.

Also available in HindiMarathi, Gujarati.

Author: Santosh Sachdeva

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15 reviews for The Eight Spiritual Breaths – Hardbound
Breathing Exercises and Affirmations that transform your life

  1. yogiimpression

    “I have been practicing TESB for a couple of years. The big impact on my life is that I am much happier and stronger than I used to be. My chronic sinus has completely disappeared. The breaths have brought changes – some that are obvious and some very subtle. In short, the breaths have brought joy, clarity, and improved my health and my life.”

    – Divya Talwar, Artist, USA

  2. yogiimpression

    “TESB have been not only my anchor but also the propulsion along the path of my life. The effects have ranged from an increase in physical health to an expanded understanding of an emotional, intellectual and spiritual nature… I feel that practising the TESBs has been life changing for me. I feel thankful and blessed.”

    – Amanda Knopp, Hatha Yoga Instructor, UK

  3. yogiimpression

    “I have been doing TESB for the last year and a half without missing a single day. Mentally… desire for material things has lessened, yet appreciation for what comes in life has increased. The biggest blessing is lessening of the ego as one becomes a witness to the blessings of the greater forces as awareness increases by the day.”

    – Ami Desai, IT Professional, USA

  4. yogiimpression

    “The Eight Spiritual Breaths (TESB) is for me the ‘missing link’ which I have searched for all my life. Here in my hand, I at last held the key to my spiritual advancement in its totality. The breathing exercises instil the body with strength and the accompanying affirmations are empowering. The course is a gift that is ours for the taking.”

    – Christina Qureshi, Australia

  5. yogiimpression

    “The Eight Spiritual Breaths (TESB) is the most precious gift life has given me… Each day of practising TESB has been a joy; a new discovery. My experience of the Shakti has been gentle, gradual, nurturing, and comforting… I am becoming increasingly self-aware, my intuition heightened, developing a greater sense of clarity… The quest has just begun and I am deeply grateful and humbled for being able to glimpse a sense of purpose…”

    – Nandini Murali, author/communications professional, Madurai

  6. yogiimpression

    “I took on TESB practice two years ago and I consider it the protector of my energy. I am a psychotherapist so I have to process a lot, and I can say without a doubt that TESB plays a foremost role in keeping me clear, fresh, and joyful.”

    – Alicia Torres, Psychotherapist, Venezuela

  7. yogiimpression

    “I came to TESB battered and broken. I had no discipline in my life. TESB has been the one constant in my daily life, and the anchor for me to rebuild and reconstruct. Other things are changing for the better. Starting from a place of fragmentation, I am slowly becoming whole again.”

    – Indradeep Ghosh, Educator, PhD, Professor of Economics, Mumbai

  8. yogiimpression

    “TESB is Sri Aurobindo’s ‘Integral Yoga’ in practise, it is leading a divine life in a divine body. It is of immense use to those who want to scale to higher levels of consciousness and open themselves to the Supramental light.”

    – Ramaswamy Subhramony, Author, Head of the Department of English, The Madura College (Autonomous), Madurai

  9. yogiimpression

    “A book that teaches one to cleanse (the) self from Karmic pollution as per Vedic science, so that one may realise their true inner self. A concise handbook for the aspiring urban Yogi.”

    – Kaustav Nag, Chemical Engineer, LLB (Student)

  10. yogiimpression

    “TESB have enhanced my sense of gratitude, and my discipline.”

    – Lavanya Subramanian, Boston, USA

  11. yogiimpression

    “Heightened awareness of my thoughts, responses, and surroundings is a clear manifestation of my TESB practice. I experience an indescribable lightness and joy since I started my practice last year. My ability to focus has also improved, resulting in better productivity. TESB has been a life changing experience!”

    – Amita Talwar, Photographer/Artist, Founder – Art for Causes, Hyderabad

  12. yogiimpression

    “The clairvoyance with which Santosh Ma has presented the information in TESB, and the way the visualisation has come to her, is so divine that many lifetimes of preparation must have gone into it. Our deep heartfelt gratitude for the guidance.
    “We are evolving rapidly as a result of the Course. Years of work have finally led us to the path of being able to actualise the experience of the Truth. It would be difficult to even know where to start and where to end! Every time we read the Course Book, a new sentence pops up in one’s mind and reveals a deeper insight. This book is not written by a person but ‘channelled with insight’ without involving the thinking mind.”

    – Ramesh and Shoba Venugopal, Entrepreneurs, Atlanta, USA

  13. yogiimpression

    “The Breaths gave me immense energy, enhanced my strength and immunity, and I never fell ill during the course of my practice.
    “I realised that powerful Affirmations do not only mean that I say them as loudly as I can, but also to believe in them and implement them in everyday life. I learnt to let go of the baggage I was carrying for all these years, as well as all the preconditioning, to see things with a new understanding and from the right perspective, and adhere to the everlasting, unchanging laws of the universe.”

    – Sanjay Vaid, Business – Financial Markets, Mumbai

  14. yogiimpression

    “TRANSFORMATION is the overwhelming sense that comes to mind when describing TESB and their impact on my being. I was made aware of the different dimensions – emotional, physical, mental and energy. In my personal experience, TESB went about the process of transformation in a holistic manner, leaving no dimension untouched. My experience involved cleansing/purification, energising and recoding/alignment down to the very building blocks of my existence.
    “I was led to understand that most of what we define as our ‘individual’ being is but the composite of our recursive tendencies, patterns, emotional and karmic baggage. This leads us to the current set of experiences we call ‘life’. TESB goes about breaking this cycle through powerful Breathing Exercises and even more powerful Affirmations. The Affirmations at one level carried out the cleansing and energising, but at a deeper and much more powerful level are designed to reprogramme and align one to the very core and limitless aspect of the Ultimate Reality within and without.”

    – Konark Bhandari, Business Development Executive, Mumbai

  15. yogiimpression

    “I am a person who has followed instructions from books very carefully and thereby learned and acquired skills and prowess I would not ordinarily have. I have been doing just that with TESB for about two months now with beautiful results and much progress. Thank you so much for this excellent book and Course. Everything you say in the book is not only perfectly understandable to me, but taking me in an intensely positive new direction, physically, and in every other way, and I thank you for that very much.”

    – Mike Roozen, USA

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