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Kundalini Meditation Vol. 2
Questions & Answers

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The awakening of the Kundalini energy, and the unusual experiences that come with its unfolding during meditation, raise several questions in the aspirant’s mind.
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The awakening of the Kundalini energy, and the unusual experiences that come with its unfolding during meditation, raise several questions in the aspirant’s mind. Santosh Sachdeva offers the benefit of her knowledge and experience to guide you through the same with Kundalini  Meditation  –  Question  and  Answers, Vol. 2.  Like Kundalini Meditation – Vol. 1, this book is once again a unique contribution to writings on Kundalini.  In her own calm manner,Santosh explains the inner workings of the powerful Mahashakti that is the Kundalini.

There may be something more in this book: a question or an incident that perhaps you could relate to, as you may have faced a similar situation. It’s quite likely that you may find the answer here that will quell your doubts and help you progress on your onward spiritual journey. Kundalini Meditation – Vol. 2 does this with characteristic clarity and deep insight.

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4 reviews for Kundalini Meditation Vol. 2
Questions & Answers

  1. yogiimpression

    “When I started having experiences of unusual glimpses of light, vibrations and energies after going through certain yogic practices, I was in a highly confused state of mind. A chance reading of Santoshji’s first book Conscious Flight into the Empyrean, led me to her and our meeting culminated in a ‘guru-disciple’ relationship. Her book Kundalini Meditation – Questions and Answers, Vol. 1, became my bedside guide as the plethora of questions that bombarded my mind were answered systematically in a very lucid way that makes it simple for anyone to understand the experience one is undergoing through the guru’s guidance, support and knowledge as one progresses on this spiritual journey.”

    – Shubhda Vaid, a seeker

  2. yogiimpression

    First, a disclosure: Santosh happens to be a friend of mine. Having said that, I would still recommend this book strongly to those on the Kundalini path. She offers her expertise to you through her second book Kundalini Meditation – Questions and Answers, Vol. 2.

    Her credentials for the task are impeccable. Santosh herself went through a Kundalini awakening and recorded her experiences meticulously in previous books. That apart, she has been studying the import of her experience through reading available literature. Most important of all, the awakening has manifested into peace, wisdom and understanding. The book gives ample evidence of all three qualities. The perspective she offers is flawless. For instance: to a question on what causes the Kundalini shakti to get active, she says, “Kundalini can awaken naturally… if one lives a well-balanced life …” The sound common sense, the equable tone and the caring guidance all add up to an exceptionally useful book for the Kundalini aspirant.

    – Suma Varughese, Editor, Life Positive Magazine

  3. yogiimpression

    Kundalini Meditation – Questions and Answers, Vol. 1 was an extraordinary book in that it brought out hitherto rare and comparatively unknown aspects of the Kundalini into the domain of ordinary conversation between sincere seekers and a guide who had traversed the path ahead of them. Santosh brings her personal experience and clear insight into these matters. Kundalini experiences can be disconcerting, peculiar, even causing severe anxiety to the inexperienced. In her calm manner, Santosh explains the inner workings of the powerful Mahashakti that is the Kundalini, and how one is not to get stuck in the wonder of the experience, but progress on the spiritual path. She is a true Master and those seeking guidance from her are privileged to have such a guru. Vol. 2 continues the good work with her characteristic clarity and insight. Such a work is its own endorsement, for it stands upon the integrity of Truth.

    – Rohit Arya, Editor, The Leadership Review
    Author of Vaastu: The Indian Art of Placement and The Sacred India Tarot

  4. yogiimpression

    ‘Ma’ Santosh Sachdeva is a Master and Teacher wholeheartedly engaged in her empowered mission of demystifying the Kundalini process of spiritual evolution, for the contemporary aspirant with little exposure to ancient mystic traditions. She presents these teachings in an easy to understand Question and Answer manner for readers who wish to start exploring their own energy – in a gentle voyage of self-discovery.

    She is a celebrated writer of original books on Kundalini, in effect releasing a new understanding of the process of spiritual evolution in the physical body. This she does in a very simple, direct and unassuming way, devoid of forbidding abstruseness.

    Her mission also worked its magic on her own self, as she has gradually emerged from self-imposed restrictions to step into her natural radiance as a spiritual counsellor, guide and teacher… and a respected Mataji!

    Her latest offering, also in the Question and Answer format, further elucidates, in a very elegant yet typically nurturing and encouraging manner, the process of self-unfoldment for the practitioner of ancient wisdom.

    – Sri Ma Amodini Saraswati, Sarvatmak Foundation, Rishikesh

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