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  • After receipt of advance payment, if any of the services offered by yogiimpressions.com could not be undertaken for reasons not attributable to the User, the advance payment would be refunded to the User subject to any law which may govern such transfer of money. No refund will be permissible if the Services contracted could not be conducted for reasons attributable to the User.
  • Any liability on yogiimpressions.com on any account shall be restricted to the value of the service/product in question. yogiimpressions.com shall not be responsible for any loss/claim/damage whatsoever beyond this value.
  • Prices quoted in any International Currency are indicative only. However, due to exchange rate fluctuations, the actual price payable by the User may vary from the indicated price. Users are requested to note that this is a requirement of the credit card processing companies, and
  • yogiimpressions.com does not have much control over this matter.
    yogiimpressions.com reserves the right to revise the prices at any time at its sole discretion without any notice. However, the User would be liable to pay only at the prices prevailing at the time of acceptance of his order by yogiimpressions.com.
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  • In the event that any GTC contained herein are in conflict with the STC or other terms and conditions contained with any particular yogiimpressions.com Site, then these terms shall prevail.