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Stop Sleepwalking Through Life!
9 Lessons To Increase Your Awareness

Author: Devdas Menon
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What happens when your ‘big dreams’ get fulfilled? Do you attain an enduring state of fulfilment? Are you then able to live happily ever after?
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What happens when your ‘big dreams’ get fulfilled? Do you attain an enduring state of fulfilment? Are you then able to live happily ever after? Or, is there something vital missing that you need to address now?

“When I pose these questions to the students at IIT, they feel uncomfortable,” says Dr. Menon. “The majority are too heavily programmed,” he adds. “There appears to be too much at stake in the ‘rat race’ of life and it takes considerable courage, even just to pause and reflect, especially when one has traveled far and got ahead in the race. There is little in their education to persuade them to think otherwise.”

“Is this the best our education can offer today?” asks Dr. Menon. “Are we not completely evading certain key issues in life? Are we not leaving the young generations ‘magnificently unprepared, for the long littleness of life’?”

Drawing inspiration from various spiritual traditions, Dr. Menon guides the reader through nine graded chapters to the full meaning of ‘awareness’. He establishes that awakening and continual awareness of one’s ego-self not only bring freedom from mind-made suffering, but also enhance the quality of one’s work and one’s life.

Author: Devdas Menon

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17 reviews for Stop Sleepwalking Through Life!
9 Lessons To Increase Your Awareness

  1. yogiimpression

    “I have studied the book and I liked particularly the chapter ‘The lightness of being’ and the lines – Last but not the least is the big delusion… that the ego-self is the ‘doer’.”

    – A. P. J. Abdul Kalam, Former President, Republic of India

  2. yogiimpression

    Stop Sleepwalking Through Life! is secular in its appeal and happily free from Hindu esoteric ideas (for the lay like me) like ‘Upanishadic, Brahman’ and associated Vedantic jargon. At the same time, there is unobtrusive assimilation of all the lofty thoughts found in our ancient teachings.

    – A. S. Padmanabhan, IAS, Former Chief Secy. To Govt. of Tamil Nadu

  3. yogiimpression

    “I found this to be very educative… In particular, the idea that ‘we should enjoy the present rather than worry about the future’ … Also, the conflicts of the ego-self are brought out clearly; these are the conflicts that we as teachers and coaches need to continually work to resolve in today’s highly competitive world.”

    – M. Krishnakumar, Management Consultant and Tennis Coach, Kinesis, Bangalore

  4. yogiimpression

    “This book takes the mystery out of the awakened mind and provides a context in which to utilize its teaching of awareness, in one’s everyday life experiences.”

    – Patt Lind-Kyle, Author of When Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up

  5. yogiimpression

    Stop Sleepwalking Through Life! resembles the content that one would find in the Upanishads, Zen Buddhism, Taoism or the teachings of Ramana Maharshi and J. Krishnamurti.

    The challenges faced by humankind in the 21st century require the inner awakening that Dr. Menon writes about. Reading the book would be an excellent start, to be followed by reflection, discussion and personal exploration/validation.

    – Sudhir Krishna, IIT Madras alumnus 1976

  6. yogiimpression

    In this invaluable little book he questions the way we lead our lives. Having raised these questions, this book does not provide readymade prescriptive answers like many of the self-help books. This I think is the uniqueness of this book… I strongly recommend this book for anyone who is feeling restless in life and is sincerely seeking peace of mind, happiness and contentment.

    – Dr. R. Gopinath, Bangalore, http://bookwormsrecos.blogspot.com

  7. yogiimpression

    “This book seeks to arouse the discerning intellect dormant among most human beings, and thus address a vital goal of education. It must, in my opinion, be the first book on any course in collegiate education. I have used the book in some of my courses and I have found that it has helped my students get out of the slumber, and identify a destiny and a destination.”

    – Prof. Shreesh Chaudhary, Humanities & Social Sciences, IIT Madras, Chennai

  8. yogiimpression

    “This book is a brilliant piece of work, especially commendable for the sheer lucidity with which the metaphysical dimension is presented. I enjoyed it immensely.”

    – Subir Chakraborty, Chief (Marketing), SF Division, Exide Industries Ltd., Kolkata

  9. yogiimpression

    “I haven’t read anything more truthful and refreshing. I guess when truth strikes, it strikes hard.”

    – R. Shiv Shanker, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA

  10. yogiimpression

    “This book helped me realize how much I was in the grip of my ego-self. I found it particularly relevant because of all the academic allusions. The last two chapters are absolutely exquisite.”

    – Prof. Bharath Sethuraman, California State University, Northridge, USA

  11. yogiimpression

    “This is a wonderful thought-provoking book which de-stresses the mind. It is a ‘must-read’ book for all in the teaching profession.”

    – Prof. B. S. Murty (Civil Engg.), IIT Madras, Chennai

  12. yogiimpression

    “Now and then a book comes along that makes you pause and compels you to take stock. This is one such book. Its insights seem true, not because of any underlying logic, but because deep down you already know them to be true. Succinctly put and hard-hitting.”

    – Siddharth Savadatti, Design Engineer, Larsen & Toubro, Chennai

  13. yogiimpression

    “It is a simple but incisive unfolding of how to stop shuttling between achieving dreams, punctuated by commas, and attain that one-stop dream which gives an infinite sense of fulfilment.”

    – Prof. Rekha Rau, K. J. Somaiya Institute of Management Studies and Research, Mumbai

  14. yogiimpression

    “For those of us who have spent many years in teaching and counselling bright young people, this book comes as a blessing. In simple language, it shows how to gain an inner awareness which brings peace, uniting us to each other and to the whole universe. Its most valuable lesson is that a practical spirituality is possible within everyone’s daily activities, including the pursuit of a successful career.”

    – Fr. Lancy Pereira S.J., Former Principal, St. Xavier’s College, Ex-Director, Caius Research Lab, Mumbai

  15. yogiimpression

    “I encountered this book at the right moment in my life. It really made me stop and think. I go back to it again and again to find answers to many questions in life.”

    – R. Pandia Raj, M.S. Research Scholar, IIT Madras, Chennai

  16. yogiimpression

    “It was a totally engrossing read. At least during the reading time, I was able to see through the camouflage called ‘ego-self’ to discover and awaken its dormant counterpart, the ‘pure-self’, and experience some moments of quiet bliss.”

    – Praveen Mookoni, Software Consultant, Fidelity Investments, Boston, USA

  17. yogiimpression

    “I thoroughly enjoyed this wonderful book. The way Dr. Menon unfolds the mysteries of minds caught in the vortex of present-day materialism is lucid and enlightening. This book is a great treasure and I recommend it wholeheartedly to everyone for awakening and re-energizing.”

    – P. Y. Manjure, Director, The Freyssinet Prestressed Concrete Co. Ltd., Mumbai

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