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Kundalini Print – The 9 Positives
Affirm Them Every Day To Actualise Your Full Potential

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This is one of a selection of prints, chosen carefully by the author herself, empowered to help you along your own spiritual evolution and journey.
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The 9 Positives are powerful affirmations that remind us to live up to our full potential on the material plane.

Aham Brahmasmi or ‘I AM THAT’ is the empowered mantra of Consciousness, affirming our indivisible unity with the WHOLE. This mantra is the source of The 9 Positives that affirm our sharing in the divine qualities of the Absolute. They serve to connect us with the flow of abundance that is the chief attribute of the cosmos as well as being the most powerful Earth principle of manifestation. It is this that nourishes, heals, enriches, invigorates and helps us realise the ultimate truth that we are not alone.

The human brain is the command centre that operates with maximum efficiency and potency to help us achieve our purpose and vision emanating from the Soul, as co-creator of our highest destiny in surrender to the divine plan for all universe. In every moment of our living, we have free will and the power to exercise that will. Any strong affirmation we make to ourselves, serves to programme the brain with our personal intent, empowering it to help us achieve this in the most effortless way. It is important to communicate to the brain whatever we may desire for ourselves, since it is designed to obey our every command.

The 9 Positives help to remind us, at the level of the powerful I AM Consciousness, of our own individual power to generate our health, wealth and happiness, and to manifest our life’s mission, our highest Soul intent.

The 9 Positives print depicts an illustration of the seven main chakras by Santosh Sachdeva, author of The Kundalini Trilogy. It is the vigour of resonance and harmony in the pulsating frequencies of the energy body, especially focused in the seven chakras, that determines the health and vitality of the physical. Our dynamic energy body, when it is aligned with cosmic harmonies, is a universal transformer that enlivens, rejuvenates, and transforms our relationship with ourselves and our environs. This illustration is empowered to help you on your own spiritual path.

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Affirm Them Every Day To Actualise Your Full Potential

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