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In Love With The Divine Mother -Shree Shree Ma Anandamayee
A Splendid Hardbound, Full Colour, Large Format, Collector’s Pride



In this personal account by Swami Nityanand Giri, a direct disciple of Ma, she narrates never-before revealed miraculous incidents pertaining to Ma. She has also retrieved a treasure trove of rare pictures, of Ma.

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125th Birth Anniversary Celebrations
• Hardbound, gilt-edged
• Large format
• Full color
• Art paper

Ma Anandamayee was one of India’s most renowned and revered saints of the 20th century. Writing about Ma Anandamayee when he visited Her in Calcutta in 1936, the renowned said that when someone had asked, “Ma, who are You?” Ma replied, “Whatever you think – I am that.”

In this personal account by Swami Nityanand Giri, a direct disciple of Ma, she narrates never-before revealed miraculous incidents pertaining to Ma. She has also retrieved a treasure trove of rare pictures, of Ma. Ma Anandamayee’s manifestation was in response to the prayers of many. The reader thus approaches Ma as a Mother, Father, Daughter, Brother and Friend, finally realising that Ma is the one being who both pervades and transcends creation, who is both formless and with form.

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5 reviews for In Love With The Divine Mother -Shree Shree Ma Anandamayee
A Splendid Hardbound, Full Colour, Large Format, Collector’s Pride

  1. yogiimpression

    Dear Swami,

    The only time I could physically see this incarnation of love, Ma Anandmayee, was in Kankhal in 1981.

    My loving master Sri Maheshwarnath Babaji had told me twice to take the blessings of this Divine being. Somehow I couldn’t due to various circumstances. One day he sounded impatient, which was rare, saying, “Kab pranaam karogae Anandmoyima ka? Woh shareer chodnae kae baad? Javo, abhi Kankhal mae hain.” (When will you go and do obeisance to Ma Anandamayee? After She leaves Her body? Go, She is right now in Kankhal.)

    And so I went to Kankhal. An Ati Rudra Homa was going on and there was a big rush but I managed to edge forward and reach what appeared to be a courtyard. To my luck Ma was sitting on a chair, surrounded by devotees. She looked pretty old and was wearing glasses but the graceful eyes, as I looked at them, seemed ageless.

    I wondered if I could do pranaams. There were two stern looking gerua robed men standing by Her side. Hesitatingly I moved forward and waited for a Bengali lady to finish her offerings and namaskar. As she moved away I suddenly found myself standing before Her.

    I did sashtang pranaams making sure that I did not touch Her body. I felt this body of Hers was too delicate to be touched by fellows like me. Then I stood up and bent my head. Quietly She put both Her hands on my head and said to my great surprise, “Anand raho Madhu. Ab jao, Babaji raha dek rahae hai. Bolo ma ka ashirwad mil gaye.” (Be happy Madhu. Now go, Babaji is waiting for you. Tell him you have received Ma’s blessings.) I burst into tears and actually ran out in great bliss. Babaji said, “Chalo achha ho gayae.” (Come on, this is a good thing that happened.) Then he laughed and said, “Main nae socha wahin rah javogae.” (I thought you will stay there only.)

    I said jocularly, “She told me to get out. You were waiting. Babaji, Her ‘Madhu’ was as sweet as yours.” He laughed.

    In ’82 I heard She had crossed to Vaikuntam.

    Much love and pranaams.

    Sri M
    Madanapalle, Andhra Pradesh

  2. yogiimpression

    Ma Anandamayee is the incarnation of the mother energy of God. It is a privilege for me to pay homage to Ma. I feel my voice is only made credible because of the love I feel for Her and the grace She continues to shower upon me. Her presence and love have touched and transformed the lives of so many beings, and continue to radiate spiritual influence into our hearts. Though I never met Ma while in physical form, Her grace and presence are palpable – She has shown, in so many ways, that She is here with me.

    When I found out that this book was coming into being, I was very touched. The love and dedication so obvious in each page are themselves a reflection of Her power, grace and presence, which continue to nourish and nurture Her devotees and even those who are yet to discover Her.

    The publication of this book is very well-timed in its coming to awaken Her presence in the minds and hearts of beings whose faces are turning towards self-discovery and the living presence of God. I feel this book has an everlasting quality – it will continue writing its grace into the hearts of those who are blessed to encounter it. It is a fitting tribute to the majesty and potency of Ma’s presence.

    Jai Ma!

    Monte Sahaja, Alentejo, Portugal

  3. yogiimpression

    English translation of the Hindi review of
    Morari Bapu
    || Ram ||

    Remembering Ma, my pranaam to Her. I had the good fortune to get the darshan of Pujniya Ma.

    In my opinion, Ma was both beyond body consciousness and Self-realisation. So Ma was absolutely incredible.

    I am delighted to know that you are writing a book about Ma. Your offering of this text will be a prasad or offering from Ma to all and will fructify for everyone. This is the faith I have.

    Again, my pranaam to Param Pujya Ma’s consciousness.

    With prayers to Ram,

    Morari Bapu
    Talgajarda, Mahuva, Gujarat

  4. yogiimpression

    Aum Namah Sivaya

    Dear Swamiji,

    Swami Nityanand Giri’s book on Ma Anandamayee, ‘In Love With The Divine Mother – Shree Shree Ma Anandamayee’, definitely will be a tremendous inspiration for spiritual seekers and devotees.
    The stories and teachings she narrates so beautifully and eloquently depict the great saint’s mission in this world. May this book help seekers of truth and devotees to deepen their faith and pursue their path with more love, determination and fervour.

    Amma, Mata Amritanandamayi Devi Amritapuri Ashram, Kerala, Tamil Nadu

    “Go out and serve the suffering. Learn to place others in front of yourself” AMMA

  5. yogiimpression

    It can be argued that Ma Anandamayee was the most important Indian spiritual figure of the 20th century. Her devotees numbered in the hundreds of thousands, from simple villagers to heads of state. She taught not through books or formal discourses, but through Her radiant example of total absorption in the Divine. Those blessed to have Her darshan were transformed from within and continued to feel Her presence even after She left Her physical body. Even today, Ma remains accessible to whomever calls her Name or sees Her image.

    Swami Nityanand’s extraordinary book, ‘In Love With The Divine Mother – Shree Shree Ma Anandamayee’ is a precious addition to the literature on Ma and offers both present devotees as well as those new to Ma an opportunity to feel Her Divine Presence. The beauty of this book, its artwork, its interweaving of Ma’s words with the words of those touched by Ma, reflects Ma’s beauty. There is so much to take in as you read this book, so much inspiration, so much love. It provides an opportunity for those longing for Truth to forge or deepen a connection with the Divine Mother. I see it becoming a classic in the canon of stories of great saints and avataras, inspiring seekers everywhere. Swami Nityanand’s labour of love is, indeed, a gift to the world.

    Lisa Prajna Hallstrom
    Boston, Massachusetts, USA

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