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Bee Clever Series – Join The Dots – Book 2

Author: Pallavi Dalal


She has designed these books to develop differentiating and logical thinking skills in children and evaluate their interests in certain areas, without making them feel like they are being ‘tested’!
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Teachers, especially those in nursery and pre-primary schools, know that it takes specialized learning aids to help children learn how to identify objects, develop eye-hand and fine motor coordination, improve attention span, and learn to focus on the activity in which they are participating.

The aim of BEE CLEVER Activity Books
Keeping these important learning factors in mind, a pre-school educator and counsellor has created a series of simple and stimulating activity books. These help develop the skills a child needs, plus contribute to the further development of the child’s ‘writing readiness’.

Pallavi Dalal – the creator of BEE CLEVER Activity Books – has spent over 25 years working with pre-school children. She says, “There has been much thought, care, understanding, laughter and joy that has gone into creating these books. I can only hope that they will bring children many ‘magical moments’ of learning, and spending time with each other in a happy and relaxed frame of mind.”

Two Important Factors
While planning any activity for children, two important principles of learning are always uppermost in her mind:
1. “I see and I remember.”
2. “I do and I understand.”

She has designed these books to develop differentiating and logical thinking skills in children and evaluate their interests in certain areas, without making them feel like they are being ‘tested’!

• Objects illustrated are those a child is generally familiar with.
• Instructions can be read to a child without having to simplify them.
• Illustrations are bold and clear for the child to see and work comfortably.
• Accurate use of grammar, punctuation and spelling.
• Each book in the series explains the value of doing that specific activity.
• Simple ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ create a ‘win-win’ situation for the child.

BEE CLEVER SERIES: • Colouring 1 • Colouring 2  •  Join the Dots 1 • Join the Dots 2 • Matching • Mazes 1 • Mazes 2 • Numbers 1 • Numbers 2 • Odd One Out • Opposites 1 • Opposites 2 • Pattern & Letter Writing 1 • Pattern & Letter Writing 2 • Phonics 1 • Phonics 2 • Shapes 1 • Shapes 2 • Story Sequence • What’s Different? • What’s Next? • What’s Wrong?

Illustrations by Pallavi Basu

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5 reviews for Bee Clever Series – Join The Dots – Book 2

  1. yogiimpression

    “I am delighted to see these BEE CLEVER workbooks that do not pitchfork the child straight into the three R’s but are systematically going through all the requisite stages of reading, writing and math readiness. They are enjoyable and creatively made with attention to details. Introductions are useful and informative and instruction lines are crisp and easy to follow. This is what children have needed all along and not had access to!”

    Nandita Jhaveri
    Former Vice Principal, New Era School Consultant in Early Childhood Care and Education

  2. yogiimpression

    “I have gone through the entire set of BEE CLEVER workbooks and find them very clear and simple to follow by little children in school. They have been aptly designed for pre-schoolers. The activities are age-appropriate and all the concepts are dealt with systematically and clearly. The illustrations are clear and the pages not too cluttered with activities.”

    Lekha Merchant
    Head Teacher, Saifee Eidiz Zahabi Nursery & K. G. School

  3. yogiimpression

    “Based on decades of experience by Pallavi Dalal, a knowledgeable and sensitive teacher, these books are aimed at helping children consolidate their concepts based on practical experiences.”

    Nalini Chhugani
    Secretary, Mobile Creches
    President, Association for Early Childhood Education and Development (Mumbai Branch – AECED)

  4. yogiimpression

    “The BEE CLEVER workbooks are attractive, pictures are large, clear and appropriate. Instructions are precise and brief. There is an element of surprise to sustain the interest of the child. The contents match with the themes generally used in pre-school. The illustrations have a sense of humour and fun.”

    Jana Mahadevan
    Former Head of Department, Early Childhood Education (ECE) at Nirmala Niketan and Sophia Polytechnic

  5. yogiimpression

    “BEE CLEVER Series is an excellent collection of child-friendly, challenging books that help develop visual discrimination skills that help them to think and reason efficiently. Each page has been meticulously planned and a theme has been chosen so that a teacher can creatively weave a story around it. Clear, simple instructions help the children to persevere until they successfully achieve the challenge that is placed before them.”

    Zeenat Bhojabhoy
    Principal, Jamnabai Narsee School

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