S. K. Mullarpattan

Saumitra K. Mullarpattan, a retired civil engineer, was the primary translator of renowned Advaita sage Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj from 1976. Thirteen days after Maharaj passed away in 1981, Mullarpattan, his longest-serving English interpreter, gave an eloquent speech at the condolence meet. His translations of his guru’s dialogues were both attentive and accurate; no easy task as Maharaj spoke in colloquial Marathi. He always captured their essence and stayed true to the spirit of Maharaj’s talks. This proved invaluable for the visitors who came to attend Maharaj’s talks. Mullarpattan also very generously assisted many authors by sharing his in-depth insights into Maharaj’s teachings. He freely shared his copies of recordings and other related material with them. He passed away in 2012 at the age of 96.
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