Bernadette Von Dreien

Bernadette Von Dreien

Christina (born 2001) is a young woman from Toggenburg, Switzerland. She was born with greatly expanded consciousness and thus belongs to a new generation of young evolutionary thinkers who recognise, describe and live human existence as a complexity of quantum physics, neuropsychology and spirituality. She has always shown remarkable insight into today’s world events and one cannot help but be astonished by her high ethics, her wisdom and inner peace that hint at a new dimension of being human.

Without being overchallenged in any way, Christina displays a completely natural handling of a multitude of paranormal talents such as multi-dimensional perception, aura perception, clairvoyance, telepathy, telekinesis, contact with other levels of existence, animal and plant communication and the like. From birth, she has also been consciously connected to higher dimensional spheres and civilisations of light.

A harbinger of a new stage in human evolution, Christina, together with her twin sister Elena, incarnated on Earth to spread light and peace. She says, “The lights are already here, all over the world. It just needs someone to press the ‘On’ button.”

This first book tells the story of Christina’s extraordinary birth, childhood and youth up to the age of 16, from the perspective of her mother, Bernadette. For Christina, it was a time of becoming accustomed to three- dimensionality, of being trained and tested in order to prepare herself for her life’s task. y, of being trained and tested in order to prepare herself for her life’s task. Christina summarises this task with the three core concepts of freedom, truth and love.

“I am here to help human beings to reach a state of expanded consciousness. With an expanded horizon, they could be able to see what is not working properly on this planet today for themselves. Then they could develop new solutions and perspectives in every area of life that will be successful in the long term. But human beings have free will. The decision is theirs alone.” (Christina von Dreien)

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