Wallace D. Wattles

Through his personal study and experimentation, Wallace Wattles (1860-1911) claimed to have discovered the truth of ‘New Thought’ principles and put them into practice in his own life. He wrote books outlining these principles and practices, giving them titles that described their content, such as Health Through New Thought and Fasting and The Science of Being Great. His daughter recalled that "he lived every page" of his books, the best known of which is The Science of Getting Rich.

Wattles practiced the technique of creative visualization. He formed a mental picture of his vision and then worked toward the realization of this vision. His writings have been widely quoted and remain in print in the self-help movements. A practical author, Wattles encouraged his readers to test his theories on themselves rather than take his word as an authority.
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The Science Of Getting Rich

"Getting rich is not the result of doing certain things; it is the result of doing things in a ..