Virginia St. Claire and Julie Stone Waring

Writer, Virginia St. Claire, lives in Philadelphia where she grows flowers, vegetables, berries and apples in a three season garden, walks and bikes through the woods and along the rivers, swims in any body of water she comes upon. She is mother of four and grandmother of eight. The spark for much of her writing is the inspiration of people overcoming obstacles and finding creative ways to deal with life’s challenges.Julie Stone Waring, lives in Philadelphia with her daughter Raven. In addition to her art, she enjoys gardening and the family menagerie of chickens, hamsters, cats, fish, and Gretl the Siberian husky. Although they live in the heart of the city, she and Raven also foster the many small animals nature brings to their doorstep- starlings, robins, quail, pigeons, squirrels, and a toad.

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