Vidya Yedavalli

Vidya Yedavalli is an accomplished finance professional and an entrepreneur. Apart from having a well-set financial services practice, she works with people through a Foundation helping them attain happiness in life. That also makes her a passionate facilitator and coach for people-transformation programmes. Her life changed with the entry of Meher Baba and recollecting her past-life connections with Him. That took her on a fascinating journey of self-discovery. In mystical ways, she found her truth through Baba and she is now sharing it with others through her writings. Vidya has written articles in Speaking Tree and is a regular online blogger. In her writings, she candidly brings up life-challenging topics and bridges them with spiritual growth through a simple process of thinking, understanding and transforming. She shares her own experiences and learnings, which will enrich readers with new insights in their own life situations, in her first book Dawn of Reality. She finds her happiness by making others happy, which is the commandment given by her master Meher Baba.

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