Uri Geller

Uri Geller rocketed to international fame in the 70s, as his phenomenal Mind-Power sent clocks haywire and spoons a-twisting. His television shows created a sensation with the audience when, sitting at home, they were asked to focus on an ‘orange’ dot, which is according to Uri, the color of vibrant energy – on their TV screen. This apparently unleashes the power of the mind so they can ‘achieve anything!’ The world’s most investigated and celebrated paranormalist, Uri Geller is a complete vegetarian and a fervent promoter of peace. He has used his phenomenal psychic gifts to track down serial killers, worked for the FBI and the CIA and also helped influence nuclear disarmament talks.

He claims to have been ‘coaching’ the minds of Premier League footballers, Formula One car drivers and racing cyclists, although he doest mention them by name. Uri says, that “in the world`s most famous laboratories, I have explored telepathy, psychokinesis, even teleportation – and the scientists have convinced me of one thing. I am not unique. We all have these powers.” We all believe that the human mind is the most powerful tool in the universe. Now Uri Geller teaches us how we can tap into the hidden strengths each one of us possesses and reveals the secrets of positive thinking, meditation and will power which can help an individual to develop his or her own psychic skills.

If you also believe in the power of the human mind, then Uri‘s Little Book of Mind-Power which is packed with inspirational thoughts and invigorating techniques, can help you maximize your will to win!. At 51, Uri still retains his uncannily youthful looks by cycling 40 miles a day and hanging by his ankles from exercise bars. He lives with family by the Thanes in Berkshire, UK.

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Little Book Of Mind-Power

The Little Book of Mind-Power reveals how you can develop and super-charge your own will to win..