Umesh Pande

Umesh Pande is a well-known writer who has authored almost 40 books in Hindi and English. He has also published innumerable articles in renowned national magazines. His special interests lie in Astrology, Vastu and, above all, in the curative and healing properties of Medicinal trees, plants and shrubs that are commonly found in India, and easily accessible and affordable to the people at large. He is an ex-Principal of a well-known Institute of Indore and a member of the Editorial Boards of several astro-vastu magazines.
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The Healing Power of Plants

“He who drinks your juice lives. You are the one who protects men. You are the one who nourishes a..


Vatavriksha (Banyan Tree)

‘Vatavriksha’ or the Banyan tree occupies a special place in Indian mythology, culture and cus..