The Small Book Of T'ai Chi

T’ai Chi is a superior system of spiritual and physical well-being. It is the remedy without medicine, and the weight control without diet. It is the tranquilliser without the pill, and the cosmetic found in no pharmacy.

Over 200 million people practicing T’ai Chi is evidence enough of its incredible powers. Whether you are a sportsperson seeking to better your performance; an office worker suffering from back pain; a student preparing for an upcoming exam; or, a senior citizen with arthritis – T’ai Chi provides benefits that are immeasurable.

This book explores how T’ai Chi can help the practitioner get back in touch with nature – within and outside of him. With regular practice, the seven exercises presented in this book will confer:

  • Toned muscles and improved posture whether at rest or in motion
  • Better balance and coordination
  • Greater sexual endurance
  • More strength and stamina
  • Child-like suppleness
  • Reduced stress levels, enhanced productivity
  • A calmer, fuller life

These exercises are extraordinary in their convenience and ease of performance. No special place or equipment is needed, nor is a period of recuperation necessary. They are gentle and easy enough for anyone to learn regardless of age or physical ability, and their benefits are scientifically proven.

The exercises take twenty minutes of your time, and can be done comfortably in an area of just four square feet.

    ISBN 978-81-88479-98-6
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    The Small Book Of T'ai Chi

    7 Simple Exercises

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