The Muddy Duddy King

The Muddy-Duddy King has a big problem. Every morning when he goes to bathe in the river, he comes back leaving a trail of dirty, muddy footprints on the marble floors of his palace.

The Queen is furious. The King is sheepish. The Courtiers are helpless.

Then the Queen gets a fantastic idea! But when this is put into action, it soon spells disaster for the kingdom

How can the damage be undone without the King losing face in front of his people?

Whose advice does the Queen take now?

Who brings happiness, peace and prosperity back again to the kingdom?

Size8” X 10”

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The Muddy Duddy King

A King Goes To Ridiculous Lengths To Keep His Royal Feet Clean!

  • Author: Shivdutt Sharma
  • ISBN/UPC: 978-93827-42-08-1
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