The Mastery Of Self

“He who masters others is wise.  He who masters himself is enlightened.”
– Lao-Tzu, The Tao Te Ching

The ancient Toltecs believed that life, as we perceive it, is a dream. We each live in our own Personal Dream, and these come together to form the Dream of the Planet, or the world in which we live.

Most of us strive to live happy and peaceful lives, but the Dream of the Planet is full of mental and emotional traps that can knock us off-balance and keep us bound in a prison of suffering.

In The Mastery of Self, Don Miguel Ruiz Jr. teaches that much of our suffering occurs when we forget that we are the architects of our own reality, and we have the power to change our Dream if we choose.

In this book, he offers us the tools to break free from the chains of suffering, including the toughest chains to break – the ones we have created for ourselves.

DON MIGUEL RUIZ JR. is a Nagual, a Toltec Master of Transformation, a direct descendant of the Toltecs of the Eagle Knight lineage, and the son of  Don Miguel Ruiz.

He is the author of The Five Levels of Attachment and Living a Life of Awareness.
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The Mastery Of Self

A Toltec Guide To Personal Freedom

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