The Healing Power of Plants

“He who drinks your juice lives. You are the one who protects men. You are the one who nourishes and cures.”
- Atharva Veda: Kanda 6

One of the most famous hymns, The Healing Plants in Rig Veda (10-97), states that herbs, and amulets made out of them, could work wonders for health. They could treat almost every disease, flush out poisons from the blood, and even contribute to one’s progress and prosperity in life. The Western world is now using Indian herbs in some of their popular medicines for jaundice and heart problems.

The Healing Power of Plants lists 67 commonly found trees, plants, shrubs and herbs whose roots, bark, leaves, seeds and fruits can provide the safe healing touch to most ailments. Some of them include: the common cough and cold, high blood pressure, diabetes, digestive issues, urinary infections, eczema, toothache/stomach ache/headache, joint pains, sexual health, and even methods for pregnancy and birth control.

It also highlights the significance and benefits of each plant in Astrology, Tantra and Vastu. This is one book you must have handy at all times.

The Healing Power of Plants confirms our faith in the medicinal uses and benefits of some common plants. ”
– Dr. V. B. Deewanji,  Former Head, Dept. of Botany, Holkar Science College, Indore

“As a manufacturer and physician of Ayurveda, the wider use of these herbs, as detailed in The Healing Power of Plants, will help in promoting natural remedies for the health and well-being of humanity.”
– Vaidya Praful V. Dave, Chairman, Arya Aushadhi Pharmaceutical Works, Indore


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The Healing Power of Plants

Nature’s time-tested remedies for almost every ailment

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