The 9 Positives In Marathi

“The purpose of life  is to be happy.”

                                                                                     – His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Voices from the Heart

Is man a slave to circumstances? The modern sage believes that there is a way to circumvent, or bring about a positive change in one’s situation.

There is a three-stage process to create and manifest all that you aspire for in your life:
First, you Think. Second, you Feel. Third, you Act.

Every thought has a form and the potential to actualise itself. To fulfill your aspirations, you have to learn to direct the mind instead of allowing the mind to direct you. This means consciously directing the mind through positive affirmations.

Ancient Tibetan wisdom has given us ‘The 9 Positives’. These can help actualise your full potential and lead you to a deeper understanding of yourself, and the relationship you share with Consciousness as a Whole.

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The 9 Positives In Marathi

Affirm Them Every Day To Actualise Your Full Potential

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