Synchronicity-The Recognitions Program

The Recognitions Program

The Recognitions Program was created in 1983 by Master Charles Cannon as the experiential basis of the Synchronicity Paradigm, that includes the Synchronicity Holistic Model of Reality, Synchronicity Contemporary High-Tech Meditation and Synchronicity Holistic Lifestyle. This original body of knowledge combines key elements of the Great Wisdom Traditions of human experience along with the most recent understanding of holistic reality from modern science. For twenty years, the Recognitions Program has been Synchronicity’s flagship, at-home Contemporary High-Tech Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle correspondence course. Continually refined and updated by Master Charles – it represents the cutting edge in the field of modern spirituality.

What does “Recognitions” mean?

While the word “Recognitions” has its roots in ancient languages such as Latin and Sanskrit - in contemporary terms, we may understand it to mean: meditation is the foremost balancing technique in human experience. Balance is the foundation for experiencing holistic awareness. As awareness expands, integrative wholeness and unified consciousness become increasingly dominant in our experience. Such subtle states of awareness have been classically delineated in terms of “consciousness in the recognition of itself”.

Thus, the Recognitions Program is so named in acknowledgment of its experiential context. The Delta-level Holodynamic Vibrational Entrainment Technology (HVET) it incorporates, is designed to deliver the subtlest states of meditative awareness in which there is the experiential recognition of oneself as Source. With regular daily practice of the Recognitions Program, we progressively experience ever-increasing constancy in holistic awareness and unified consciousness, which is the basis for life lived in fulfillment.

What is the value of the Recognitions Program?

Since the Age of Idealism more than three hundred years ago, there has been general consensus on a holistic model of reality based on One Consciousness as the substratum or source of a multi-dimensional relative field of experience from subtle to dense. However, this consensus has been purely philosophical and academic, while the lifestyle necessary to actualize the holistic model of reality has remained unrealized.

The Recognitions Program is the basis of a conscious lifestyle model that actualizes the Holistic Model of Reality by delivering the experience of wholeness or unified consciousness. This powerful, Contemporary High-Tech Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle program utilizes Synchronicity Holodynamic Vibrational Entrainment Technology (HVET), in the Delta frequency range to deliver a precision experience of balance and wholeness. With daily practice of the Recognitions Program, participants experience an ever-increasing integrative wholeness that is the basis of fulfillment in human experience. (This is repetition of what is stated earlier)

How does it work?

The Recognitions Program is structured in eight phases, each of which includes progressively deeper levels of Holodynamic Vibrational Entrainment Technology (HVET), within the Delta frequency range in CD format. Participants meditate daily with a Recognitions Program CD soundtrack for about one hour, during which they experience a progressive expansion in holistic awareness on the basis of precision balance. In addition, there are a variety of Holistic Lifestyle recommendations with each Recognitions Program phase that assist in maintaining balanced, holistic awareness throughout a twenty-four hour day.

Is the Recognitions Program appropriate for me?

The Recognitions Program is the most impactful system of Contemporary High-Tech Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle available. It is created by an authentic mystic and Master of Meditation and has been experientially validated by thousands of people world-wide for over twenty years. It is designed for the times in which we are living. As such, the Recognitions Program in all its formats is an advanced system of Contemporary High-Tech Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle and is appropriate for those who are dedicated to staying at the cutting edge of holistic unfoldment. It requires daily meditation practice, regular monthly telephone facilitation and a commitment to living a Holistic Lifestyle. If you are interested in living consciously and actualizing a practical, holistic spirituality in your daily life - the Recognitions Program is for you.

How does the Recognitions Program compare to other meditation programs?

Whether contemporary or traditional, no system of meditation can yield results beyond the consciousness of its creator. Therefore, when choosing a meditation program, first and foremost, consider its source.

The Recognitions Program is created by Master Charles Cannon, an authentic Master of Meditation whose enlightening presence is validated by the holistic transformation enjoyed by thousands of individuals worldwide who have availed themselves of his spiritual mentorship. Beyond words and concepts, true spiritual mastery is rare and yet, it is the only criteria which matters if you are interested in your own mastery.

How do I begin?

The Recognitions Program begins with Phase One, which includes introductory video dialogues by Master Charles, the originator of the Recognitions Program, and Alan Scherr, Vice-President of Synchronicity Foundation, along with a daily Contemporary High-Tech Meditation CD soundtrack, consisting of two, thirty-minute tracks. The first track, “Transcendence” is a musical meditation soundtrack that begins in the Alpha frequency range and slowly decelerates through Theta and into the Delta range over a thirty-minute period.

The second track, “Tranquility” is an ocean-wave soundtrack that remains in the Delta frequency range over the entire thirty-minute duration. Progressively deeper levels of experience are available in the Recognitions Program Phases Two to Eight, each with a duration of six months. In every subsequent level of the Recognitions Program, Holodynamic Vibrational Entrainment Technology (HVET) increases whole-brain synchrony, accelerating the development of constancy in holistic awareness. In all, the Synchronicity Recognitions Program is the most comprehensive Contemporary High-Tech Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle experience available.

Zen Study

Contemporary High-Tech Meditation…
Accelerated Transformation through Precision Balance

After years of research into the brain-wave patterns of regular practitioners of Synchronicity Contemporary High-Tech Meditation, we have developed the following study comparing the effects of Synchronicity Contemporary High-Tech Meditation with traditional meditative systems.

A Comparison Study of Synchronicity Contemporary High-Tech Meditators with Zen Monk Meditators

There are a number of documented cases where groups of meditators using classical methods of meditation were measured. The most notable are the measurements made on the Dalai Lama’s attendants (roughly twenty monks) during the early seventies, and more recently, those reported by Tomio Hirai in the book “Zen Meditation and Psychotherapy”, in which forty Zen monks were studied and measured.

It is important to note that the Zen meditators in this study were cloistered monks practicing under the most ideal circumstances, whereas the Synchronicity meditators almost exclusively comprised individuals living in the world with career, family, and other responsibilities, a lifestyle that could hardly be understood as ideal in terms of meditation.

One of the principal differences between Synchronicity Contemporary High-Tech Meditation and traditional orthodox systems of meditation is the speed with which measurable changes occur in one’s state of awareness. This has been confirmed by measurement of the brain-wave patterns produced by regular users of Synchronicity Contemporary High-Tech Meditation over a seven-year period. These were then compared to the measurements produced by those traditional meditative systems.

Conclusion: This study gives objective support to Master Charles’ hypothesis of at least a four-fold acceleration in results when using Synchronicity Contemporary High-Tech Meditation and Holistic Lifestyle vs. low-tech systems.