Sri Bagavath

Sri Bagavath hails from Thiruchendur, a famous, ancient religious town of Tamil Nadu in India. When he was a youth of eighteen, he became an ardent seeker of the Truth and his spiritual search took him to several gurus. Although through his practice of meditation Sri Bagavath gained many spiritual experiences, he never allowed himself to be swayed by them. He was in pursuit of the Ultimate Truth. He went on to become a lawyer and in his fifty-eighth year he received Enlightenment. Neither being awestruck nor seeking glory as a result of being Enlightened, he was surprised as to how this simple and sublime Understanding had taken more than forty years of arduous search to reveal itself.

He wondered why he had been told to undergo all those spiritual practices by the various gurus, when it became clear to him that the seed of enlightenment is present in each one of us – it simply required the right understanding for it to sprout. Sri Bagavath formulated this understanding into a new approach that spiritual seekers can adopt towards becoming Enlightened. His approach is not in contravention of that stated in the scriptures, nor is it derived from them. It is uniquely his philosophical understanding, tempered with an analytical, scientific mind and requires an aspirant to have only a basic spiritual knowledge and the desire to learn. Sri Bagavath travels across South India spreading his message freely to those open to receiving it. He has written around 16 books in Tamil, some which have been translated into English. The Sri Bagavath Mission, of which he is the Mentor, conducts meetings, seminars and workshops to spread his teaching.

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