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101 Things I Wish I Knew When I Got Married

Most of us, when we fall in love, simultaneously stumble into a multitude of myths, such as being "m..


9 Sakaratmak Sutra - The 9 Positives In Hindi

“The purpose of life  is to be happy.”          &..


A Goddess Among Us

Includes three beautiful picture cards of Anandamayi Ma for your altar-shrine. “It cannot be that a..


Aath Adhyatmik Shwasan Kriyaye - The Eight Spiritual Breaths In Hindi

“It is good of you to have come to pay homage to your Master and be with him in his final ho..


Aath Adhyatmik Shwasan Prakar - The Eight Spiritual Breaths In Marathi

“It is good of you to have come to pay homage to your Master and be with him in his final ho..


Advaita On Zen And Tao

We are at a unique moment in the evolution of spirituality. For centuries, sages of various traditio..


Antar Shanti Ki Awaaz - Stillness Speaks In Hindi

This long-awaited second book by renowned spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle provides a “going deeper” ..


As It Is

As It Is is a profound and radical work that points to the fundamental freedom that is independent o..


As You Think

In 1904, a relatively unknown Englishman named James Allen wrote a little book called As a Man ..


Babaji - The Lightning Standing Still

Babaji - The Lightning Standing Still is the definitive book on Mahavatar Babaji, His divine wo..


Beyond Freedom

Recently, some long-forgotten tapes of Nisargadatta Maharaj’s talks were unearthed from the archives..


Bhagawan Gautam Buddh Ki Talwar - The Buddha's Sword In Hindi

This book is a simple, step-by-step investigation into what constitutes ‘daily living’, and whatit i..


Bharat Ka Kayakalp - Transforming India in Hindi

An invaluable, comprehensive analysis of a developing India with facts and statistics not available ..


Bhram Se Jaago, Sone Waalon! - Stop Sleep Walking Through Life! In Hindi

What happens when your ‘big dreams’ get fulfilled? Do you attain an enduring state of fulfilment? A..


Blessed Mother - A Thousand Names - Audio Download

A Thousand Names of the Blessed Mother… the Lalita Sahasranam… is the foremost invocation of the Div..


Blue Lotus Note Cards

Note Cards are ideal for gifting. A warm, personal way to express your wishes in an age of cold text..