Robert Adams

Robert Adams rarely talked about himself and, even when asked, revealed very little. However it is known that at the early age of seven years, he had a spontaneous ‘awakening’ experience in which he saw a two-foot high man with white hair and beard calling to him. In the library he saw a book on Ramana Maharshi and immediately recognised him as the person he had seen in his vision. In 1946, Robert arrived at the pilgrim town of Tiruvannamalai where the Ramana Ashram was situated against the backdrop of the holy mountain of Arunachala.

He was enlightened by that great sage and remained here during the last three years of Sri Ramana’s life. A powerful, illumined Master-Teacher, Robert Adams also met other spiritual teachers like Paramahansa Yogananda, Nisargadatta Maharaj and Krishnamurti. Returning to the US, he set up his own Foundation called the Infinity Institute for Compassionate Living. He held regular satsangs here for his devotees. His famed discourses are documented in the international spiritual classic Silence of the Heart.
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Silence Of The Heart

Robert Adams is a powerful, Self-realised Master-Teacher of ultimate Truth and remarkable selfless c..