Renuka Alimchandani

An interior designer by profession, Renuka Alimchandani considers herself blessed with clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. She finds it fascinating to access information and wisdom which is beyond this world we live in, which she says changes the so-called illusion human beings indulge in. It’s this ability and blessings of her Spiritual Masters which she wishes to share with others through her book Sai Baba and Me. The knowledge and esoteric secrets revealed to her will not only illuminate hidden truths of human life, they will also compel the human mind to re-think its priorities.

Her book she avers is a loving service to her Masters, whose purpose is to spread their message and love to humanity. Renuka lives in Pune and can be contacted on
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Sai Baba And Me

This is the beginning  and it will continue as life continues, even after one leaves the ..