Personal Growth

Personal Growth

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Warrior Goddess Training

The Path to Your Inner Warrior GoddessIt’s no secret that women today are juggling a lot. With an ..


Developing Intuition

Everyone is born with intuition, but most of us learn to discount and ignore it. In this book, ..


My Autistic Angel

This book is a treasure chest of emotions recollected in tranquility over three decades. My Aut..


Sai Baba And Me

This is the beginning  and it will continue as life continues, even after one leaves the ..


Self-Realization Through Self-Knowing

Bridging the gulf between the nascent world of J. Krishnamurti’s self-Knowing and the..


Spirituality At Work

‘Spirituality at Work’ is the recommended textbookfor the ‘Integral Karmayoga’ course at IIT MadrasI..


Still The Mind

“Simply watch everything going on without attempting to change it in any way, without judging it, w..


The 10 Great Upanishads

Lessons for all humankind from the Upanishads The greatness of the Upanishads lies in the fact..


The Mastery Of Self

“He who masters others is wise.  He who masters himself is enlightened.” – Lao-Tzu, The Tao ..


The Science Of Getting Rich

"Getting rich is not the result of doing certain things; it is the result of doing things in a ..


Your Soul's Plan

So often, when something “bad” happens, it may appear to be meaningless suffering. But what if your..


Little Book Of Mind-Power

The Little Book of Mind-Power reveals how you can develop and super-charge your own will to win..