Mahashakti Awakes

A riveting experience of Kundalini awakening in the life of a gentle housewife

Mahashakti Awakes traces the extraordinary journey of Santosh’s spiritual awakening. In her enthralling life story, she narrates the major, life-changing events from her childhood and growing up years that eventually led up to the unfolding of Kundalini energy. What is remarkable is that this occurred in an unsuspecting, simple householder leading her everyday life. Within its pages, she acquaints you with the spiritual masters and teachers she met and the insights gleaned from such encounters.

Her body of work, which includes The Kundalini Trilogy, is widely regarded as a landmark in Kundalini Yoga.  For the first time, the entire process of ‘awakening’ has been depicted in step-by-step visual detail based on the visions she saw in her meditations. Even more awe inspiring is how she was gently and lovingly guided through the entire process whereas, in extant literature, there has been so much mystery and fear surrounding the awakening of the Kundalini Shakti. Santosh’s account is proof that the Kundalini, and Its arousal, is a natural process.

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Mahashakti Awakes

An Autobiography Of Spiritual Awakening

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