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Conscious Flight Into The Empyrean

Conscious Flight into the Empyrean is a touching revelation of the mystical experience, brought..


Kundalini Awakening

In the history and literature of the Kundalini, there has never been anything like this work, with..


Kundalini Diary

Kundalini Diary is a touching revelation of the extra-ordinary unfolding of the Kundalini energy as..


Kundalini Meditation Vol. 1

“Her writings are the outcome of many years of Kundalini experience – from initial awakening..


Kundalini Meditation Vol. 2

The awakening of the Kundalini energy, and the unusual experiences that come with its unfolding duri..


The Eight Spiritual Breaths - Hardbound

“It is good of you to have come to pay homage to your Master and be with him in his final..


The Kundalini Artworks

Several readers of the author’s earlier three books forming ‘The Kundalini Trilogy’ observed that ju..


The Kundalini Trilogy

This set includes Conscious Flight Into The Empyrean, Kundalini Diary and Kundalini Awakening. ..


Who Am I?

“Santosh Sachdeva is one of those luckiest few who could ask the question `Who am I?` and experience..


Kundalini Meditation Vol. 2 In Hindi

“Her own awakening and continuing meditation (practice) have manifested into a deep peac..


Mahashakti Awakes

A riveting experience of Kundalini awakening in the life of a gentle housewifeMahashakti Awakes tra..