Dr. C. Norman Williams

Graduating with honors from the University of Natal in 1954, Dr. Williams made an epic journey walking and hitchhiking across Africa to England - as almost the founder of the back-packing era. During this journey he had scary encounters with a lion, several elephants, and an irate hippo.

Following these and many other adventures, he embarked upon an academic career - teaching, researching, and writing technical books at universities and institutions in Nigeria, England, Sierra Leone, Indonesia, Australia and several other countries around the world.

At some point in his life, he began exploring several spiritual beliefs, practices and ideas. He wondered why the founders and stalwarts of the Semitic religions had all died out thousands of years ago? Could there be a few lurking somewhere in our modern times?

And then he discovered India - the spiritual epicentre of the universe. The discoveries he made, and the sages, seers and saints encountered along the way, led him to compile life sketches of some of the well-known spiritual masters of our age as written down by their closest devotees and biographers. The result of his endeavours is his book - 33 Gurus of Modern India that introduces you to these spiritual luminaries.
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33 Gurus Of Modern India

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