Blessed Mother - A Thousand Names - Audio Download

A Thousand Names of the Blessed Mother… the Lalita Sahasranam… is the foremost invocation of the Divine Feminine in the Vedic/Tantric tradition. Master Charles Cannon sings selected verses in this modern meditative rendition, while Rattan Mohan Sharma chants the entire text in classical format. Beautifully combined, their collaboration conveys the timeless yet eternal nature of this sacred masterpiece.  Synchronicity sonic technology in the Theta range has been included to create a precision  High-Tech Meditation experience.

What is Synchronicity Contemporary High-Tech Meditation?

Meditation has been used for thousands of years as a primary tool for balance. With balance, holistic awareness expands and we experience the peace and fulfillment that is the hallmark of the meditator’s journey. All Synchronicity Contemporary High-Tech Meditation soundtracks include the acclaimed Holodynamic Vibrational Entrainment Technology, which decelerates brain-wave frequencies and balances the brain hemispheres with far less time and effort than traditional ‘low-tech’ meditative techniques. Synchronicity soundtracks are designed to harmonize and balance the chaotic, environmental energies that surround us in our modern, technology-based world including radio, television and microwaves, atmospheric pollution and rapidly increasing population density.

In all, Synchronicity soundtracks deliver easy access to states of holistic awareness traditionally achieved only with many years of disciplined practice. They may be used alone or in conjunction with any other meditation techniques you may presently employ.

These soundtracks are created by Master Charles Cannon and are available through Synchronicity Foundation for Modern Spirituality, a not-for-profit, non-sectarian, religious, educational organization.

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Caution: Due to the meditative nature of this audio, please do not listen to this while driving or operating heavy machinery.

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    Blessed Mother - A Thousand Names - Audio Download

    Contemporary High-Tech Meditation Holistic Lifestyle – Theta Soundtrack

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