-50% Uri Geller's Mind-Power Kit

“Geller has bent my ring in the palm of my hand without ever touching it. Personally, I have no scientific explanation for the phenomenon.”

– Dr. Wernher von Braun (NASA scientist and father of the rocket, U.S.A.)

Learn the secrets of Uri Geller’s extraordinary powers and use them for your personal benefit!

The world’s most famous and investigated paranormalist, Uri Geller says “Join me on a voyage of discovery into the hidden powers of your mind. Use my Kit to expand your psychic abilities, take control of your life and trigger your personal mind-power.”

The Mind-Power Kit includes:

The Book: My guide to the mind-enhancing techniques that I have used throughout my life. Each one has been designed to help you improve your willpower and release the potential that lies within your brain. I have created special exercises for bringing that potential to the force.

The Audio CD: Immerse yourself in my unique audio experience. I will talk directly to you about the power of the mind, while you relax to the specially recorded music and practise the exercises on the CD. These can help you conquer specific problems, like how to increase your self-esteem, control your weight and quit smoking.

The Crystal: The piece of rock crystal that I have energized especially for you will help to protect your emotional and spiritual health and focus the energies of your mind.

The Orange Dot: Use this as a catalyst to concentrate your desires by thought power.

If you have read Uri Geller’s Little Book of Mind-Power then his Mind-Power Kit is an absolute must for you!

BindingPaperback (Book)
Size13¼" × 9¼"

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Uri Geller's Mind-Power Kit

Book + CD + Crystal + Orange Dot

  • Author: Uri Geller
  • ISBN/UPC: 978-81-88479-19-1
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