Tony Parsons

Tony Parsons was born in London in 1933. At the age of twenty, he spontaneously awoke to the rediscovery of his true nature. Throughout the years, he shared this “open secret” with like-minded friends. Only since 1996, when Tony began to communicate the nature of his experience through writings, did people from all over the world begin to deeply resonate with the message he shares. Tony brings a deep maturity and a lifetime of spiritual understanding to his talks and published works. The clarity and completely natural manner in which he writes and speaks about living in the unlimited awareness of Presence is refreshingly authentic. Meetings and residentials with Tony Parsons take place regularly in the U.K. and internationally.
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As It Is -35%

As It Is

"Realisation does not emerge through our attempts to change our lives; it comes as a direct rediscov..

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The Open Secret

The Open Secret is a singular and radical work which speaks of the fundamental liberationthat i..

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