Richard Keogh

From a very early age, Richard remembers out-of-body experiences and was aware of invisible beings around him. At first, he perceived them to be ghosts, but as time passed and the information placed or re-awakened in his mind came to the surface, it became apparent that his nightly visitors were angels and ascended masters. Once Richard was consciously on his path, he was guided through meditation to follow the I AM teachings wherever he could find them.

Through a series of visions in meditation, he has been guided on a journey which has resulted in the gathering of like-minded souls keen to play their part in this world. Richard wishes to share the joy of the reality of the angels, the ascended masters, and the I AM Presence. He says, “Once contact with your own I AM Presence has been made, you have a personal link with God, and thus, the guidance and discernment to carry you through this life.”
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