Swami Madhurananda was a staunch atheist until the middle of his university studies. He graduated as an electronics engineer. Instead of pursuing a career, a feeling of impermanence and the fundamental questions of existence drew him to the monastic life. He joined the Ramakrishna Math in Bangalore with the desire to explore deep meditation. He left the monastery after eleven years, thus exposing himself to a life of uncertainty but with a deep trust in the profound Silence he had started experiencing since 1992.

In 2000, after a year spent as a wandering monk, he was drawn to Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu, well known as the home of the sage Sri Ramana Maharshi. There he felt ‘pulled’ to devote all his time to sitting in meditation, and he continued this for five years. In 2006, many changes occurred again. He gave up his robes, but still uses Swami Madhurananda as his official name. Many call him Madhurananda or Madhu. He continues to reside in Tiruvannamalai, leading a meditative life and sharing his perceptions with earnest people interested in harmony and peace.

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