Atmajnana Yajna

Atmajnana Yajna [Mexico City, Oct, 2012] as a set of 14 DVDs. It is enriched by a running commentary (as sub-titles) and an introductory Audio Book, which gives an overview of the subject and provides the broad framework for the Yajna. Ideal as a self-paced home study course. Subtitles in every section, anchor our attention to the changing themes of the Yajna and facilitate learning.

Atma is imperceptible Inner Self. Jnana is perfect understanding or realization. So Atmajnana is Self-knowing and Self-realization. Yajna means self-sacrifice or self-abnegation-as a means to realizing the Atma.

Dr. S Bhagavadpada’s Hindu spiritual teachings and meditations are for Self-Knowing, Inner Contentment and Self-Realization.

Dr. Bhagavadpada explains the etymology of the important Sanskrit vocabulary, which he then systematically introduces at every stage and then sheds new light on the Sutras, showing how a mumukshu may work his or her way to moksha.

Westerners and those unfamiliar with Sanskrit should not feel discouraged to listen to this presentation, as he emphasizes that knowledge of Sanskrit per se is not really necessary. What is far more important is that the mumukshu grasps and internalizes this Self-Realization teaching. Dr. Bhagavadpada also relies on Hindu mythic pictures and symbols to appeal to our intuitive mind.  Each sutra in the Gita is clearly brought alive with rich content and meaning, from the point of moksha, so as to make it easy for us to discover its stunning pertinence and utility in our daily spiritual life.

All hungry seekers are likely to find in these DVDs astounding answers to many of their perplexing questions.

Distributed by Yogiimpressions

No. of DVD14 DVD(s)
Running Time16 Hrs

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Atmajnana Yajna

A Set Of 14 DVDs With An Exhaustive Introductory Audio Book

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