Dr. Gulrukh Bala

Dr. Gulrukh Bala, Ph.D, has been into spiritual healing for more than twenty-five years. She has had a distinguished academic record in English Literature, Psychology, and Holistic Healing, and is also the founder of Heartlight Ascension, which teaches the basic practice of connecting our flow of thought to the flow of breath, that is vital for maintaining clear energy centres in our bodies. She is an enlightened counsellor, lifestyle consultant, spiritual motivator, as well as a workshop leader possessing dynamic inter-personal skills, addressing vital questions about dealing with the gathering of energies active around us.

Her workshops, weekly meditations, channelled healings and lecture tours are popular with CEOs, therapists, teachers, students and homemakers alike as she “ushers in a new reality of peace, well-being, success and happiness for everyone.” Dr. Bala also conducts seminars on Prosperity Consciousness, Chakra Balancing, Meeting our Spiritual Guides, Crystalline Ascensions, Essential Oils, Magnified Healing, Past Life Regression, Angel Card Readings, as well as One-on-One Healing and Counselling.

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