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He would like very much to bring the two worlds together... He wants people to know that there is no such thing as gone forever only Love is forever... 

–Karls words, from the afterlife, to his mother Nan.

In Beyond the Silence, Nan sheds more light on the Spiritual Master Meher Babas ever-readiness to reach out in 'Silence' to each and every person who calls out to Him from the depths of their hearts. It draws one closer to the understanding of the real goal of human life by laying emphasis on the thread of Love, which not only seams the physical and the spirit worlds - but also brings all of us together as one big family... into the New Humanity.

Beyond the Silence is the chronicle of Nan’s generous willingness to help people who have been struck by tragedy and grief. She has done this by enabling them build a bridge across the two worlds-through the loving and caring messages of her son Karl who dwells in the spiritual realms.

Nan has thus been a shining beacon to thousands of people who have, with the Masters Grace, and the caring intervention of Karl, found their own answers and way out of sorrow and pain.

Beyond the Silence is her continuing account of people from all walks of life who are entering into His ever-growing, loving fold. She is the author of the best-selling book Sounds of Silence, and its sequel Listening to the Silence.

Her books are like delicious little souffles. They are sweet and full of fun and grace; as the universe is. The only way they can be judged is by the yearning they awaken in you to find Meher Baba, and the Meher Baba within you.

–Maneka Gandhi, MP, Lok Sabha
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Beyond The Silence

From The Far Beyond Comes The Comforting Touch Of Love

  • Author: Nan Umrigar
  • ISBN/UPC: 978-81-88479-96-2
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