-35% The Triumph Of Love

‘A greatness in thy daughter’s soul resides

That can transform herself and all around,

But must cross on stones of suffering to its goal.’

Sage Narad to Aswapati, father of Savitri

- Savitri, Book VI, Sri Aurobindo

The legendary romance of Savitri and Satyavan has been told and retold through opera, ballet, on stage, on film and television, across continents. One of the best-loved tales of ancient India, it has continued to weave its magic on the Indian as well as the global psyche.

Unique among women in the Indian epics and scriptures, Savitri embodies not just the complete love for and commitment to her husband, which all epic heroines display, but matches that with the power of absolute will and action. Like Sita, Shakuntala and Draupadi, she is also a victim of circumstances; unlike them she does not seek help from without to free herself and her husband from a tragic fate.

Once she has decided to marry Satyavan, even with the dire foreknowledge of the catastrophic event, she does not regret or waver from her choice. In fact, she becomes determined to confront and challenge fate and bend it to her indomitable will.

What is perhaps unique to The Triumph of Love is the depth of its narrative that lends credence to the romance of Savitri and Satyavan, which has endeared itself to everyone down the ages, to this day.


The dialogue between Savitri and Lord Yama is the crux of ‘The Triumph of Love’
“Ancient knowledge and old stories reappear to cater to the generation of now. Human consciousness is evolving all the time and the same stories appear again to enthrall the shifting consciousness of that time. I was aware of the story of Savitri and Satyavan but never got down to reading it.

The very title “Triumph of Love” and the cover invited me to pick up the book to read about the legendry romance of Savitri and Satyavan. Shiv has woven the story in a way that it takes the reader on the journey with Savitri through different kingdoms till her search ends in the forest on the outskirts of the kingdom of Salwa. The entourage stays as the guest of Rishi Dalbhaya.

The dialogue between Savitri and Lord Yama is among the highlights of the novel and is interesting to follow.

It’s a beautifully and well written narrative wherein the reader becomes a part of the story to go through the travails of Savitri in her quest. A must read for the new generation. This is how ancient knowledge and value systems are kept alive.”

– Santosh Sachdeva, Spiritual Master, Mentor and Author of the best-selling The Kundalini Trilogy and The 9 Positives

“The Triumph of Love" written by the author Shivdutt Sharma is nothing short of incredible. I have read a number of Shivdutt’s books and this new book of his has to be on the top of my list as a favorite.

As an author (of 14 books) I would have to say that the language Mr. Sharma uses in this book is remarkable. It’s captivating and stimulating and carries his readers from one chapter to the next with ease and anticipation. I was very impressed.

As a Librarian I would have to say that “The Triumph of Love” has great potential as a ‘read aloud’ to students who visit the library. The storyline is beautiful and who isn’t captivated by a powerful love story and the problems that they have to overcome to ensure that their love is everlasting.

And as a teacher, (who incidentally is not that knowledgeable on ancient tales from Indian), I now have a wonderful teaching tool to captivate students when studying the country of India. The romance of Savitri and Satyavan will become a well-known legend among my students thanks to this well written book by Shivdutt Sharma.”

– I review this book as an Author/Librarian/Teacher: Vargie Johnson

“Every spare second in the day my nose is riveted in this book… (the author’s) use of language is fabulous. Amazing and I love the style of writing. I am only up to page 40 although I only started this morning and have been reading in between meetings… I love the story line and I have reached the part where Princess Savitri has just arrived at Rishi Dalbhaya’s forest home.”

– Vargie Johnson, Saudi Arabia - author and freelance writer for Lonely Planet

“Amid the bevy of romantic tales that hit the bookstands, comes this gripping saga of love… The Triumph of Love … is for all those who believe in the power of love. It is also an inspiration for the young lovers standing on the tribulations of time even in the face of the most difficult odds… Written after detailed research… engaging dialogues… keep the reader captivated till the end. This book is a salute to woman-power and what a woman, having unbending will and immense determination, can achieve once she sets her mind to it.”

– Neha Pandey, Hindustan Times, Uttarakhand

This Book is for Those Who Believe in the Power of Love
"This is much, much more than just a simple love story of Savitri and Satyavan that most of us have grown-up on... The Triumph of Love is a book composed after much detailed research and hard work by the author. The prose flows easily and the short chapters make it an interesting read. This book is a must read for those who believe in the power of love... for this is a work of love by Shiv Dutt."

– Tania Saili Bakshi - NDTV Consultant for Uttarakhand


A tale of the most virtuous heroine
"I was vaguely familiar with the tale of Savitri. Largely her interaction with Yama. However, this easy to read tale also tells me about Savitri's birth, Satyavans life and how Our epics make for interesting drama and settings. Thankfully, the author has limited his great felicity to storytelling rather than interfere with the characterization and structure. Which is a relief. I recommend this book for a holiday or to take a break from what is otherwise available. I for one am frankly bored with the muscular bollywoody retelling that is available these days. So, there is one more virtuous than Draupadi, after all."

– By Quateel Ahmad on 5 September 2015

Savitri - a shining example of what a woman can achieve!
"I had always thought the legend of Savitri and Satyavan to be just another fairy-tale, but reading 'The Triumph of Love' has changed that perception. We had such strong, determined, women of immense will-power... women who could rise to challenge the writ of destiny and bend it to their advantage. According to me, Savitri stands heads and shoulders above other epic heroines like Shakuntala, Damayanti and Draupadi. This mytho-historical romance now doesn't seem just another fairytale to me. I loved it from beginning to end. So will every Indian woman I think..."

– By sdeg on 14 September 2015


Love at first sight!
"Coming from Hindu family, I had heard the story of Savitri and Satyavan from my mother when I was young. What seemed to me to be a rather improbable tale of a woman challenging the writ of destiny and ultimately bending it to her indomitable will, to snatch her husband from the jaws of death, suddenly appeared quite probable while reading ‘The Triumph of Love’. Here is a book that puts it all in perspective for me. Well-researched, to the extent possible considering that the story itself predates the Mahabharata, it is amazing that the story of Savitri continues to resonate with, and is still celebrated to this day by married Indian women in the form of the Vat Savitri Vrat every year. The Triumph of Love is a compelling yet a very easy read."

– By vaibhav on September 8, 2015


A Triumph of Storytelling
"I bought 'Triumph of Love' for my sister. She read it and then wanted me to read also. Maine train mein office aur jaata yeh kitaab padi. Apni parampara ke baare mein kucch aur jaana. Bahut dilchasp story hai Savitri aur Satyavan ki. Padhte huey aisa laga, aankhon ke saamne picture dekh raha hoon. Very good story, very nice writing."

– By Pratik Mayekar on September 13, 2015

Superb book...
"Read the book... Enjoyed it especially as I wasn't familiar with the story behind Savitri. And I must say she comes across as a paragon of virtue. Which was the point of the whole narrative. Superb book. Not very big and certainly not as pretentious or precocious as the other recent epic-cy rewrites."

– By Gaurav Gupta on September 13, 2015

Women's Empowerment in Ancient India
"Compared to the status of women in general in our country today, it is amazing that we women were far more empowered in Ancient India. Reading 'The Triumph of Love' - the amazing story of a woman's determination and unbending will to alter her destiny, as well as that of her husband Satyavan, was a revelation, to say the least. I would recommend this book to every woman as a must read. I hope the author will bring forth more such tales about the heroism of women who can not only take any adversity in their stride, but rise to confront, challenge and overcome it."

– By Reshma Dalvi on September 14, 2015

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The Triumph Of Love

India's Immortal Romance Of Savitri And Satyavan

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