-35% The Synchronicity Recognitions Program

After the very successful launch of the Synchronicity Contemporary Meditation Audio CDs, in the Alpha and Theta frequencies, that were created for light and medium levels of meditation, Master Charles Cannon now introduces you to the deepest levels of meditation with Audio CDs recorded in the Delta frequency.

The Recognitions Program – Phase 1 consists of four components:

  • A DVD that starts with an introduction to The Synchronicity Recognitions Program – Phase 1 (Delta Level) by Master Charles, followed with a presentation, outlining the details of the Program.
  • A 60-minute Audio CD titled ‘Tranquility’ is for daily meditation.
  • A 60-minute Audio CD titled ‘Quiscience’ is for sleep-time use.
  • Printed reference materials to guide you through Phase 1.

Transcendence and Tranquility CD for day time meditation

The ‘Tranquility’ CD includes two 30-minute tracks. Track One is a musical meditation soundtrack entitled ‘Transcendence’. It includes Holodynamic Vibrational Entrainment Technology (HVET), beginning in the Alpha frequency range and slowly decelerating through Theta and into Delta over a period of thirty minutes.

Track Two is an ocean wave soundtrack entitled `Tranquility`. It includes HVET, in the Delta frequency range for the entire thirty minutes. The two tracks should be used in the same order in which they appear on the CD.

In addition, both tracks include holistic, subliminal (non-audible) affirmations created by Master Charles in his own voice. The recommended daily practice in the Recognitions Program is sixty minutes of sitting meditation (comprising Tracks One and Two listened to consecutively), once a day. At the end of the CD, you should lie down with eyes closed for ten minutes and simply observe your inner experience in whatever form it may present itself. After a minimum of ten minutes, you can gently return to your normal routine.

Quiescence CD with the soothing sound of ocean waves

The Audio CD ‘Quiescence’ is to be played continuously throughout the night during your sleep cycle. This soundtrack includes the sound of ocean waves along with the same holistic, subliminal affirmations that are on the ‘Transcendence’ and ‘Tranquility’ soundtracks. There is no HVET included on this soundtrack in order to support your natural transition into sleep. It is recommended that you use this CD with speakers as an ambient background played on low volume in your bedroom.

To experience the full effect of this CD, it is only necessary that you are able to notice the sound of the ocean waves playing faintly in the background. Set your CD player on ‘Repeat’ and simply allow it to play throughout the night. When you awaken in the morning, simply turn it off. If desired, you may also listen to this CD for periods throughout the day, as an ambient background to your exterior focus. For details, refer to the printed literature inside the pack.

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    The Synchronicity Recognitions Program

    Delta Level, Phase 1

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