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Follow the relaxing tones of the music and voice as you are guided on a journey from the outer self into the Secret Chamber of the Heart. This is a sacred place you are given when you decide to incarnate, where you can go to find your real self. Once inside your heart, you will discover many wonderful spiritual tools which will help you to consciously connect with your higher self, the God self, the I AM Presence.

You will find The Threefold Flame burning on the altar of your heart, representing Love, Power, and Wisdom. It is through this aspect of yourself that you will reach up to experience the unfailing love and guidance from your I AM Presence. If this album helps you find the reality of your real self, it will have succeeded in its purpose.

"From a very early age, I remember out-of-body experiences and being aware of invisible beings around me. At first, I perceived them to be ghosts, but as time passed and the information placed or re-awakened in my mind came to the surface, it became apparent that my nightly visitors were angels and ascended masters.

Once I was consciously on my path, I was guided through meditation to follow the I AM teachings wherever I could find them. Through a series of visions in meditation, I have been guided on a journey which has resulted in the gathering of like-minded souls keen to play their part in this world. I wish to share the joy of the reality of the angels, the ascended masters, and the I AM Presence. Once contact with your own I AM Presence has been made, you have a personal link with God, and thus, the guidance and discernment to carry you through this life.

God bless us all.” – Richard Keogh

Words: Richard Keogh

     Keyboards – Ashley Hill 
     Acoustic Guitar – Richard Keogh

Caution: Due to the meditative nature of this audio, please do not listen to this while driving or operating heavy machinery.

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    Secret Heart Meditation - Audio Download

    Journey To The Secret Chamber Of The Heart And Connect With Your Higher Self.

    • Author: Richard Keogh
    • ISBN/UPC: MP3021
    • Running Time: 1 Hrs
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