“Long ago, I learnt to live with reality,
to accept it, to appreciate it.
The trouble with gangsters is that
they continue believing in fiction.”

Medals or stripes proclaiming your designation are of little consequence when you are cornered by a hardened criminal. Viewed from this perspective alone, life ‘on the beat’ for top-cop Aftab Ahmed Khan has been no safer than that of any ordinary policeman patrolling the mean streets. What made a man who dreamt of doing a doctorate in literature don the uniform and storm into a world of crime and violence? What was it like playing a game where all the rules apply only to you, and never to your desperate opponent? How did it feel to be constantly stalked by danger, never knowing whether you would return home for dinner, ever?

You may not be living ‘on the edge’ like Khan did for many, many years, but you may still welcome a tip or two on how to switch on the sunshine when darkness descends without warning. And, of course:

  • If you are a person whose professional life is under constant public scrutiny...
  • If you are in charge of a team whose efficiency, morale and loyalty depend upon your leadership qualities and ability to make split-second decisions to prevent major disasters...
  • If you have to frequently compromise on personal joys like spending ‘quality time’ with your family because you have to be on-the-job at unearthly hours... Plus,
  • If you too have woken up one morning to find the carpet has been suddenly whisked away from under your feet...

...then the infectious optimism of the man this book is about will help you start afresh. It will reiterate how important it is to create a firm foundation of friendship and trust with those who work with you and for you. It will remind you that both rain and sun are needed to design a rainbow. It will inject the pep you need to keep a straight face when someone plays a crooked card. It will gift you the courage to take the road less travelled by. Most of all, it will ensure that you "Never say die!”

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  • Author: A. A. Khan
  • ISBN/UPC: 978-93-82742-62-3
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  • ₹399.00

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